n-gage, World’s First Instant Messaging App to Break the Platform Barrier

20th January 2016; Bangalore: With the revolution of communication and technology, there are plenty of instant messaging apps launched for people who want to get past the limitations or shortcomings of communication. Amidst all this, n-gage – world’s first 360 degree Lifestyle chat-app has broken the app barrier by enabling users to message others across any messaging app in the world.


“The journey and thought of developing an app like n-gage started when I faced health issues in my life. The lack of ability for people to connect on health problems inspired me to make an app like n-gage.” says Mr. Ajit Patel, CEO & Founder of n-gage.

In the past decade a number of Instant messaging apps have launched globally, subsequently resulting in people installing a cluster of apps on their devices to cater to their individual needs. Today, with its launch in Bangalore, n-gage has broken this platform barrier, and become the first consolidated messaging app with the most popular features in one easy to use interface.

“As communication and information travel faster and faster, the world seems to get smaller and smaller. This changes how the world communicates, especially with today’s obsession with social media networks. Keeping this in mind, n-gage offers a novel form of communication by liberating its users to enjoy rich messaging across other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and many more without the need of a smartphone, or the receiver downloading n-gage” adds Ajit.

Another ground-breaking innovation of n-gage is its video-calling feature across other platforms that bridges the gap and brings people closer without any interruption. Users can now make one to one or group video calls with friends, by inviting them on WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook or any other social platform to join the call. n-gage has also moved a step ahead by the launch of its ‘Translate’ feature through which users can instantly translate their incoming and outgoing messages in over 45 languages.

With the advancement of technology and increasing number of social apps, privacy is a major concern for users today. To address this concern of privacy and security, n-gage has taken extra measures by introducing new ways to ensure privacy to suit the individual needs. n-gage is not only limited to messaging across other messaging apps, but allows users to express their emotions through the personalisation features added to ‘n-Cards’, ‘n-Stickers’ and ‘Doodle Plus’. Users can add text, audio or image to their n-stickers and n-cards, or handwrite or draw their messages to friends who use WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook, SMS, etc.

n-gage is a promising app that will revolutionise the way people communicate in today’s world. The app is available for use on Android, iOS, PC and tablet.


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